Gold rate (22K): 4524.00/Gram

Silver : 67.20/Gram
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Konika's Khulja Sim - Sim

The Gold Purchase plan will be called Konika's "Khulja Sim-Sim" Part 18 aiming to promote savings.

Rs.2500/- per month to be remitted for 11 months only.

Remittance should be made by cash or crossed "A/C Payee cheque in the name of "Konika Jewellery Pvt Ltd.," Only.

Remittance must be paid on or before 15th of every month.

Members who have not made their remittance on or before 15th of each month, prize for the corresponding passbook number will go to the Company.

Special Gift will be given immediately to all members on enrollment.

Members are eligible to participate in all the draws and the Bumper draw In Spite of winning earlier month Prize by remitting monthly dues promptly.

After the maturity at the end of the scheme Gold Jewellery worth Rs. 27,500/- + Rs.400/- Bonus to all members, which will be given within 3 months time.

Members can make advance payments at the store or through the app.

Please Inform Immediately for any change in your address /Phone / Mobile as the draw result and all Information about Konika Jewellery will be sent through SMS as agreed and no claim will be entertained thereafter.

Please ensure that correct entries are made In your passbook for the amount paid, Any lapse should be brought to the company's notice within two months. No claim will be made thereafter.

The Gifts/Prizes displayed in the pamphlets and Passbook may differ from the actuals.

If you wish to discontinue, their remittance shall be paid back in the form of Gold Jewellery only after deducting as per the cancellation chart only at the end of the scheme. (Link)

In case of loss of original pass book, duplicate pass book shall be issued after producing an affidavit and on payment of Rs.100/- .The Scheme will be cancelled for exchange of Jewellery only after producing the pass book.

At the sole discretion of the company may not accept one time deposit from defaulting members who don't pay their monthly premium regularly.

At the end of the Scheme, Members will get 22ct Jewellery only at the prevailing market rate for the amount paid plus bonus. or for any prize they have won (under no circumstances cash or gold coins/fine Gold bar will be given.)

GST will be borne by the member only.

Gift Tax / TDS will be collected from the members.

The Prize winner will have to bear the difference between the market rate and the price quoted by the company for Prizes.

Members cannot claim the prize for any future draws after the cancellation, despite all the future premiums being paid In advance.

The company reserves all right either to cancel or retain the members who have not paid his/her premium continuously for 3 months.

Subject to Chennai Jurisdiction. All decision and operation rights for the scheme are reserved and the sole discretion of management only.

The company reserves the right to modify/withdraw the scheme at any given point of time without assigning any reason thereof.

FAQ’s Khulja Sim-Sim Purchase plan

Khulja sim-sim is a 11 month Purchase plan designed by the company, where the company announces the start date and the fixed amount to be remitted for 11 months with exciting prizes every quarter and a bumper lucky draw by the end of the scheme (Ex. Car, scooter, Gold coin..)

Cash will not be refunded at any circumstances, members are eligible to redeem by purchasing Gold, Diamond & Platinum jewellery only, at the prevailing market rate for the amount paid.

The monthly advance amount is fixed for every scheme the company announces.

Members who wish to discontinue in between the months, a certain % of amount will be deducted as per cancelation charges chart. (Cancellation chart link).

Advance payments should reach Konika before the 15th of every month. Members can also pay in advance for the future months. Payments could be made through Cash/Cheque/Mobile app/Website.

Members who fail to pay before 15th of each month, prize for their corresponding passbook for the month will go to the company.

Defaulting members are not eligible to pay their monthly premium for more than three months, failing which the account will be terminated and the member will not be eligible to claim any prizes thereafter, the company will take a call at its sole discretion.

After Maturity, one could purchase only Gold, Diamond & Platinum jewellery with the accumulated amount and an additional bonus will be added by the company as per the Purchase Plan.

If you wish to discontinue, the remittance shall be paid back in the form of Gold, Diamond & Platinum Jewellery only after deducting as per the cancellation chart, at the end of the Purchase plan. (Cancellation chart link).

Yes GST, TDS on prizes & any other levies will be borne by the members.

Members can be present on the draw date at the venue and claim their prizes, the company will also notify the members via SMS.